Production of high purity arsenic

High-purity arsenic and derivatives.
Arsenic is a natural mineral and is a metaloid, which gives it the properties of both metals and non-metals.


Our 65-year history is filled with many technological breakthroughs and innovations. Thanks to investments in R&D, we are improving production processes and obtaining highly pure products, the demand for which is increasing every year. Cooperation with leading institutes in the field of creating new materials allows us to be leaders in the arsenic production market.


Arsenic recycling is an important part of environmental sustainability, with health and well-being at its heart.
Минимальное воздействие на окружающую среду
Minimal enviromental
A significant advantage and efficiency is the minimal impact of harmful substances on the environment, since the technological process is looped and sealed from the external environment.
Рециклинг и переработка отходов
Recycling and waaste
We use resources as much as possible and recycle our own waste.
Безопасность производства
We exercise strict control over the production process.


We strive to be transparent and follow all norms and standards, so we provide access to our certificates, licenses and other documents related to our activities.
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